The basics of learning to drive

Here is a list of things that you need to start driving.

Before starting your lessons you need to have a Provisional Driving Licence.

If you do not have a provisional you will need to apply for one.

You can contact either your local Post Office for an application form (D1).

Before completing the form there are a few key points to consider.

The law states that the minimum age you may learn to drive a car is 17.

If you are disabled and in receipt of Mobility Allowance the minimum age is 16.

Once you have completed the form please return it to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

You will then receive your Provisional Driving Licence.

You can also apply for a provisional driving licence online by contacting the DVLA.

What your first ever driving lessons will look like

Here are details of what to expect in your first ever driving lesson and how you will advance/

  • Any beginner who has never driven before needs to develop control of the car.
  • This is achieved by working on the moving off and stopping exercise followed by the turn in the road or any other manoeuvres.
  • You can contact either your local Post Office for an application form (D1).
  • This will help to give you confidence with the car control.
  • Once the control has been mastered and becomes second nature you can move onto road procedure, starting with basic junctions and then more complex ones.
  • When learning any new subject you must be able to understand the theory and put it into practice.
  • Your Instructor will initially guide you, then as you become more confident,they will transfer some responsibility to yourself by prompting you as required.
  • The final stage will be you carrying out the task independently.
  • It is important you achieve independence before moving on to the next topic.
  • Each learner will be given their own personal log book.
  • This log book sets out a step by step training syllabus for becoming a fully qualified driver.
  • You and your Instructor can use it as a training aid and guide to monitoring your progress.
About our vehicles

All our vehicles are fitted with dual controls and in the unlikely event of a breakdown or any other problem the vehicle will be replaced. So no need to miss out on lessons or your test - with the support from our maintenance departments we will strive to provide you with the best possible service.

About our instructors

  • The Instructors are trained and qualified individuals.
  • Our Instructors are experienced and they are completely motivated and Co-operating.
  • Their performance and ability is continually monitored and if they require or request additional support, it is provided.
  • All our new learners will be ensured that they receive a friendly professional service from the Instructor.
  • Training Courses

    • Theory and Hazard Perception Test Training
    • Our Instructors will make it their responsibility to ensure that all learner drivers understand the importance of theory and hazard perceptions.
    • We will provide all learners with the Theory and Hazard Perception training.
    • In addition to this your TDS Instructor can provide books which are supplied by the DSA: the necessary theory books, CD and DVD ROMs.
    • Access to specialist support for those with special needs, who may require a bit more help preparing for the test.

    Book your driving test

    If you would like us to book your Theory and Hazard Perception Test or Driving Test, you can either pay your Instructor with cash or by cheque.

    To book either test the information we require, in addition to your current address is:

    (i)Driving licence number (you will find this on your provisional licence)

    (ii)Theory & Hazard Perception Test pass certificate number (Practical Test Only) date you passed your Theory & Hazard Perception Test (Practical Test Only)



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